Vitsebsk Oppositionists Indignant at Prison Conditions

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The members of the Conservative-Christian Party Belarusian People’s Front Ales Pazniak and Yan Taupyha have been released from Vitsebsk pre-trial jail after eight-day of arrest for participation in the Freedom Day action on 25 March.

Both activists stated their intention to complain against the insanitation in the prison cells to the health department of Vitsebsk city executive committee and the prosecutor’s office. Mr. Taupyha said that expensive video surveillance devices are installed in each cell, but there is no soap or other means of hygiene. He paid interest to the conditions of incarceration and found that the cells are cleansed irregularly, prisoners are not taken out for walks and don’t receive timely medical aid.

Taupyha and Pazniak are also anxious about the health state of their friends Siarhei Kavalenka and Barys Khamaida who are still kept in jail.