Young Front member Andrus Tsianiuta goes on hunger strike in jail

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Today one of the leaders of Belarusian Christian Democratic movement Paval Seviarynets received a phone call (!) from Andrus Tsianiuta, head of Homel Young Front. Tsianiuta was calling from jail, and said he continued his hunger strike protesting against illegal detention.


According to Seviarynets, the voice of the Young Front member was quite cheerful. Tsianiuta is to be released in three days. The guy was sentenced to 10 days of jail on the eve of the Freedom Day for alleged “beating” of KGB agents in civil clothes before the eyes of police officers. Right after his detention Tsianiuta said he would go on hunger strike to protest against illegal actions of law-enforcing bodies. Andrus said he was in the same cell with Kastus Zhukouski, member of Homel branch of Belarusian Helsinki Committee. He said the telephone had been set up in the jail after numerous complaints of human rights defenders. Now all the detained who have telephone cards have an opportunity to absolutely legally communicate with their friends and families.