Detentions in Brest

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In the morning of March 25, Brest road police detained activists of the Movement For Freedom Kanstantsin Balahura and Dzianis Turcheniak. They were told, they had false license plates.


Dzianis Turcheniak was detained on a highway leading out of Brest. The road policemen said they needed to check the car. Dzianis was also giving a ride to Andrei Sharenda and Mikhail Ilyin. The car was taken to Maskouski police department for a check-up. The passengers decided to hitch-hike to Minsk. In Kobryn, the police detained Illyin when he was changing cars. Sharenda managed to escape detention. We still don’t know the reason the police used for the detention.


The car of Kanstantsin Balahura was detained in the center of Brest. He was also told they suspected the license plate of the car was false and had to follow the police to Maskouski police department.