KGB Confirms Internet Filtering

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At a press-conference in Minsk the deputy chair of the anti-terroristic center of the KGB Viachaslau Lilenka stated that ‘unnecessary knowledge present in the internet, must be closed and must reach only those categories of persons, who can correctly understand it.’ According to Linenka, the filtration of access to the websites which can contain information about terrorist actions or provoke them is filtered in Belarus.

Answering the question about the use of filters in the Belarusian internet space, Linenka said: ‘There are possible barriers and filtering. Such work is conducted in Belarus.’ He also pointed that the state monopolist on internet Beltelecom has the possibilities to control the access to information.’

Bear in mind that in Belarus the authorities seem to consider as ‘unnecessary’ news from the oppositional websites that are often blocked during important political events in the country.