Mikhail Kryvau: ‘There can be any evidence of my guilt in the fabricated case’

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In his interview with the UCP press-service the activist of Young Democrats Mikhail Kryvau said: ‘I consider the criminal accusation for my participation in the meeting on 10 January as a legal boundlessness. Yes, I really participated in this action, but I have never fought with the road police, did not rush under car wheels, did not break anything, did not beat or insult anyone, unlike some riot policemen, who beat and insulted the detained meeting participants in the police busses. I have a clear conscience and can answer for all my actions.

Mikhail Kryvau is sure that his actions during the protest action on 10 January did not exceed the legal boundaries:

‘It was a peaceful action of protest, and the investigation can’t but know it, having hours of police videos. 

There can’t be any evidence of my guilt in this fabricated criminal case. I don’t know how they are going to prove my guilt in court. The court would justify me in every normal country. They would be even ashamed to stage such a Star Chamber. However, taking into consideration that the Belarusian court is ‘the most humane court in the world’, I think an accusative verdict is predefined. I have no illusions about it.

There is also a very interesting circumstance in this situation. The mater is that I have already received 15 days of jail as administrative punishment for ‘active participation in unauthorized action.’ I have served the arrest term in the jail in Akrestsin Street. It means that I will be judged twice for the same action, which is nonsense from the juridical point of view. 

I consider fabrication of the criminal case as a manifestation of political repressions and attempt to intimidate people on the eve of 25 March. Besides, it is a certain message of the Belarusian authorities to the society. ‘Please, don’t think that the recent campaign on release of political prisoners is a manifestation of political thaw and liberalization. We release somebody and imprison other ones instead. Expect no eases.’

I will struggle for my right to be a free person. In the case of unfair trial I will go on indefinite hunger-strike as an ultimate measure.