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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In the afternoon of 5 March the local police inspector, a representative of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and an unknown person in mufti paid a visit to the private house of the human rights activist Ihar Khodzka. Besides, Khodzka, at that time in the house there were several youngsters, including the leader of Babruisk branch of the BPF Youth Siarzhuk Latsinski.

However, they weren’t interested in inspection of the house, as they stated at first. Their attention was drawn by the packs Svaboda newspaper which were kept in one of the rooms. The visitors decided to attach the newspapers and composed an appropriate report about it.

Bear in mind, that it is not the first case when the police pays interest to Khodzka’s house. On 6 September 2007 they detained there Mikola Bytsenka, Siarzhuk Latsinski and two other youngsters, and confiscated from them stickers dedicated to the European March democratic rally.