Miron Hangs Flag in Honor of Yazep Liosik

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In the evening of 4 March a white-red-white flag was hanged on the roof of a five-storeyed house in Kasmanautau Street in Vitsebsk.

The opposition activist Barys Khamaida stated to RFE/RL that he knew the content of the note that was attached to the flag. ‘Honor and respect to the political activist of the Belarusian People’s Republic, excellent linguist, author of ‘Practical Grammar of Belarusian Language’ Yazep Liosik. Glory to the BPF heroes! Long live Belarus! Miron,’ was written there.

It is already the second flag hanged out in honor of the BPF activists this month. Miron continues his ‘White-red-white’ marathon – a series of such actions, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Belarusian People’s Republic.