Constitutional Court Ignores Believers’ Opinion

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According to the answer, received by the New Life Church the Constitutional Court will not consider the proposals to amend the religious legislation of the country, though 50 000 citizens of Belarus signed for it.

In the court answer it was specified that citizens cannot file proposals with the Constitutional Court – it can be done only by a state organ, the government or the president. The believers are proposed to apply to the president.

The coordinator of the campaign for protection of freedom of conscience Siarhei Lukanin says that the believers did not ask the court to consider whether the law On religious organizations and freedom of conscience complies with the legislation. ‘We asked the Constitutional Court to apply to the Chamber of Representatives with the initiative of amending the law. There are all reasons for it – 50 000 Belarusian citizens expressed their concern with the law on freedom of conscience. The legislation of our country allows the Constitutional Court to consider each law on its own initiative. That’s what we asked the court about.

Pitifully enough, we received a refusal. Moreover, I think that our appeal to the court was ignored. The answer was even signed not by a judge, but by a vice-secretary,’ commented Lukanin.