Svyatlana Aleksievich: “I wish Lukashenka behaved like a man in this situation”

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

 “I live in the same apartment building with the Kazulins. It was always pleasant to see them. It was seen, these people love each other, they are happy. They had everything: success, respect, love. There are many rather rich people in our apartment building. But most of them are gloomy, while this family stood out from them. Iryna had a talent of life,” Belarusian writer Svyatlana Aleksievich said in the interview to the newspaper “Nasha Niva.”

“She paid much for political dignity of her husband, for the fact, he wasn’t silent in such time. For the fact he behaved like a man. This opposing to the regime face-to-face in the colony is a very manlike deed. I think, these games of Germany were unnecessary, when it was clear Iryna was dying.

I wish Lukashenka behaved like a man, not like a political opponent in this situation. I wish he gave Alyaksandr Kazulin an opportunity to say farewell to his wife. I wish everyone behaved like human being at least when death is an issue,” Svyatlana Aleksievich said.

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