Salihorsk: New Action for Protection of Social Guarantees?

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The coalition of democratic forces have applied to the town authorities for authorization of an action against the liquidation of social guarantees. The applicants have little hope that the action will be permitted, because in the recent years the authorities have turned down more than 100 applications of democratic activists.

At the same time, the first agitation materials have been posted in the town. A considerable attention is paid to liquidation of the social guarantees and systematic pressurization of small and middle business.

‘The economic situation of our citizens has been worsened because of the poor policy of the state in the social field and a number of political decisions concerning entrepreneurs. We intend to inform the people that the situation can be changed and that it’s worth to express their opinion. We don’t put political accents, our aim is to try solving a concrete problem by means of a peaceful meeting,’ says one of the applicants, member of the For Freedom! movement Pavel Batuyeu.