Provocation against Anzhalika Borys, Chairperson for Union of Poles

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In Hrodna unknown persons made a provocation against Anzhalika Borys, the chairperson for the Union of Poles in Belarus (there are two unions nowadays, and the one that is chaired by Anzhalika Borys is not recognized by the Belarusian authorities).

Returning home Anzhalika Borys noticed a black cross painted on the apartment door. Near the door some pine branches were left – a sign that there was a dead in the apartment. The unknown hooligans also painted black crosses on all four windows of the apartment.

It is far from being the first action of the hooligans: during the last six months the door locks were six times stuck with glue, so Borys had to get them replaced. In autumn 2007 a David star was painted on the apartment door as well.

Anzhalika Borys has called the police who registered the crime. At present she does not give any comments and thinks that it is the police who must investigate the crime.

‘At present it is difficult to say who and why is doing this. The police, in the case they receive an order to watch me, do it day and night. Now let them guard my flat with the same success and diligence,’ Anzhalika Borys said.

By the way, Hrodna policemen have not solved any of the crimes against the oppositionists yet.