Hrodna KGB Warns For Freedom! Activist

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On 21 February Eduard Dmukhouski was summonsed to Hrodna oblast KGB office and was warned about ‘the inadmissibility of actions that grossly violate the public order.’

The KGB worker Aleh Zhyvushka asked Dmukhouski about his civil activities and participation in a number of actions that were organized by democratic forces. Besides, the Zhyvushka tried to find whether the activist was not a foreign spy. He also asked Eduard about the structure of For Freedom!

During the talk the KGB agent several times mentioned that there exists criminal punishment for participation in underground movements and organizations. Dmukhouski considers it as an attempt of psychological pressurization. To his mind, it can be connected to the recent cultural measures that have been conducted by the movement.

After the talk the KGB worker made Dmukhouski sign that he was familiarized with the possible consequences of his illegal activities and said that in the case he violated article 342 of the Criminal Code (organization or preparation of the mass actions that grossly violate the public order) his case would be passed to the prosecutor’s office.