Salihorsk: Aliaksandr Tsatsura’s Driver’s License Annulled

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On 12 February the leader of Salihorsk entrepreneurs Aliaksandr Tsatsura was released from jail after 15-day arrest for collection of signatures for abolishment of president’s decree #760.

On 13 February he was summonsed to the road police office and familiarized with the official ruling for annulment of his driver’s license for two years. He was also fined 350 000 rubles (163 US dollars). 

‘It is a revenge for my public activities’, Aliaksandr Tsatsura said, ‘I will appeal against this unfair ruling. I have the witnesses who can confirm that I did not violate the traffic rules, as it is stated by the policemen.’

On 10 January a meeting of entrepreneurs took place in Minsk. Aliaksandr Tsatsura was one of its organizers and was driving to Minsk by his minivan together with his wife, son and an entrepreneur Viktar Kryval. The road police stopped the car, took away Tsatsura’s driver’s license and accused him of driving by the left lane, when the right lane was free.

Then Tsatsura and his passengers left the car and went to Minsk on foot. The police forcedly took them to Minsk district police department and detained them there for seven hours, accusing them on insubordination to lawful demands of the policemen on duty.