State Demands That Parents Pay $11 000 For Son’s Illness

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Since birth Artsion Nebakatkin had an irreversible biliary liver cirrhosis. He needed an urgent transplantation of liver. Such operations are not made in Belarus, and in Russia they cost about 120 000 US dollars. Komsomolskaya Pravda v Belarusi called people to help the child and transfer money to a special bank account. As a result 162 million rubles was collected.

This money was not enough, but Moscow medics agreed to make the operation at a lower cost. Now the boy is already two years old. He feels alright and has a usual weight for his age. The local tax inspection informed the parents that for the collected money, 162 million rubles, they were to pay 45 million rubles of taxes and four million more as a penalty fee. The parents were advised to petition the local executive committee for liberation from taxes.

The officials released the family only from 80% of the taxes. Thus, the family was obliged to pay 9 million rubles. The people who want to help the boy still send money to the account, but the bank does not allow the parents to take it. Instead, it also imposes taxes on these means. At present the tax sum is 15 million rubles. So, the parents have to pay 24 million rubles already. That’s how our authorities rip where they have not sown.