Authorities Evict Citizens from the Center of Minsk

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The tensest situation exists in Marx Street now. Authorities plant to start eviction of inhabitants from four houses this year. A casino, a hotel and a trading center are to appear instead of the houses. All inhabitants as one man are against of that.

People are staging pickets in despair. They write to all echelons of power and even threaten with setting themselves on fire, Komsomolskaya Pravda v Belarusi writes.

‘We are offered a meter for a meter,’ an inhabitant of a house #17 Dzmitry is indignant. ‘But a square meter in Marx Street costs $3,700, while a square meter in the district of Loshytsa where we are sent costs $1,700. We lose $150,000 -200,000!..’

People live in pedestrian-only streets everywhere in the world!

A famous writer Uladzimir Arlou has got into a hot water as well.

‘Officials either never had visits beyond Minsk ring road, or it’s simply a barefaced lie!’ Uladzimir Arlou was storming. ‘All over the world people live in pedestrian streets. It is a total lawlessness performed by officials.’

Dwellers of Lermontov Street: We are not going to leave anywhere!..

Dwellers of the house #12 in Lermontov Street have been told that they would be evicted within a year and a half. People do not where and on what conditions.

‘We have written a letter to the presidential administration, that we are not going to move anywhere!..” Lina Aliaksandrauna said. ‘All inhabitants have signed this letter! I know that Moscow major Luzhkov is going to build some residential district for the rich instead of our houses. We have been living here all our life, why should we go somewhere?!’

The main method of the regime is not to say anything to inhabitants until the last minute. Everything is decided behind their backs. For instance, it is known that houses #117, 119 and 121 are to be vacated, as well as #22 in Paliavaya Street.

‘The most hurtful thing is that we learn about the imminent re-housing from newspapers,’ Iryna signs. ‘Nobody has told us anything yet. It’s like a disaster for our family’.


A director of capital construction management of Leninski district of Minsk Leanid Kazakouski is in charge of Karl Marx Street.

‘Leanid, is there a chance for inhabitants of these houses to stay in their apartments?’

‘Certainly no. If the decision has been made, it means that the project will be realized’.