Minsk City Court Justifies Arrest of Anatol Liabedzka

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The judge of Minsk city court Tatsiana Yermalovich thinks that there are no reasons to abolish the ruling of the judge Volha Husakova towards Anatol Liabedka. 

In the Husakova’s verdict of 25 January it is said that ‘Liabedzka, being an organizer of the unauthorized meeting in Kastrychnitskaya Square on 10 January, organized a street procession’. For this ‘crime’ Liabedzka was sentenced to 15 days of jail.

On 25 January the politician was released. His lawyer Pavel Sapelka prepared an appeal against the verdict. The judge Yermalovich considered it in the plaintiff’s absence. 

Anatol Liabedzka was not surprised with the verdict of Minsk city court. ‘The courts are so afraid of publicity that they issue their verdicts behind closed doors. Yermalovich did not even consider it necessary to at least formally inform me where and when my case was considered. She did not study the circumstances of the case either, because no video materials were requested. Instead, she just copied Husakova’s concoction,’ commented the politician.