Entrepreneur Ales Makayeu released from jail on Sunday

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Ales Makayeu, member of the Entrepreneurs’ coordination council, was released early, at 8 a.m. His term was to be officially over at 11.30 a.m. Mr. Makayeu refused to eat during all 15 days of his arrest.


“The demands of my hunger strike were to cancel clause 1.1. of presidential decree # 760. The second demand was to stop police and judicial arbitrariness and unlawfulness. The third one – to improve the living conditions in Akrestsina jail.”


How did the hunger strike at Akrestsina go?


“The doctor came, and I an on hunger strike, I have a heartburn, and a headache. The doctor writes: there are no complaints, health condition is good. The only piece of advice she gave was to let out the gas from mineral water. By the way, it seems Taustyka and Parsiukevich are in cell #17, and they are on hunger strike too. Several people are on hunger strike. I don’t know for sure. They cover the lists when they give them to us to sign for meals. If one refuses than  a “refusal” is to be written.”


Ales makayeu was in the same cell with some other participants of the entrepreneurs’ rally – Karen Akopau, Zmitser Khvedaruk, and Vital Stazharau. They had a solidarity day, when all cellmates refused from food. Mr. Makayeu says the guys keep their chins up.


“Someone even yelled my name. And “Long live Belarus!” We sang “Mighty God” every morning. The prison guards didn’t allow that. But we still sang it. In the cell where Anatol Shumchanka was, they had a real a capella choir. Shyla was the main singer there, they just sang different songs for fun.”


Ales makayeu said the living conditions at Akrestsina jail are really bad.


“I was on hunger strike. Although they allowed my family to bring an extra coat for me, it was still very cold. There are no beds, no day light, and no radio. The conditions are worse than at Valadarskaha jail. I was doing exercises, and that helped a lot.”


Ales Makayeu was detained on January 12th when he arrived on the invitation of Aliaksandar Naidzenka, deputy chief of Minsk police. After a short conversation Makayeu was detained and taken to Maskouski district police department, and later to court. The official charge was that he allegedly insulted passers-by at Miasnikova Street, 38, and did not pay attention to remarks of the police officers. Makayeu said he would send a protest letter to the prosecutor’s office about his latest 7-day and 15-day arrests.


Ales Makayeu began to get out of hunger-strike at home. He says entrepreneurs are to start preparing for new actions.


“I think they will not stop us from struggling with jails.”


Siarhei Parsiukevich, activist of the entrepreneurs’ movement from Vitebsk, is about to be released from Akrestsina. He was sentenced to 15 days of arrest after the action on January 10th.


More than two dozen prisoners arrested preventively or for participation in the action of January 21st are still in jail. Student Tatsiana Tsishkevich is serving 20 days of arrest for participation in the entrepreneurs’ action on January 10th.