Entrepreneurs rally happening on Kastrychnitskaya Square now

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Entrepreneurs are holding the planned rally on Kastrychnitskaya Square in Minsk. This time there are less participants than on a rally on January 10th. Now there are about one thousand people on the square. Representatives of foreign embassies and journalists came to the square. There are many police buses full of riot policemen in the yards nearby. There are 8 trucks and 2 tractors behind the Palace of the Republic. A car of the 1st state TV channel is driving around making a video of everything that is happening.


12.00 There are only several dozen people on the square now. There are not many police officers on the square either. The surrounding yards and blocks are full with police buses. State radio is broadcasted all over the square through the loudspeaker. No politicians are seen on the square. Most of the participants are young people.


12.15 There are about 300 people on the square. There are no banners or flags. People are talking to each other but the sound of the radio is so loud that they can hardly hear each other. Ihar Lednik is one of the well-known entrepreneurs noticed among the participants. No politicians are seen.


12.20 There are many foreign TV reporters on the square. They are interviewing the rally participants.


Access to web-sites of independent mass media is unstable.


12.41 there are about 500-600 people on the square. Ales Mikhalevich took the floor. He says that entrepreneurs’ leaders were to speak on the square, but they all were in jail.


12.41 Mikhalevich called on the authorities to release entrepreneurs’ leaders, carry out negotiations, and cancel decree #760. He called on the entrepreneurs to join the actions of the opposition forces in spring 2008. Three white-red-white flags, and flags of unregistered movements “Bunt” and “for freedom” appeared.


12.50 the crowd came closer to the stairs of the Palace of the Republic. A car with a loudspeaker arrived. The police are warning about the responsibility. There are about 1,000 people on the square. The protesters chant: “Freedom!”


12.55 Viktar Kryval, entrepreneur from Uzda, suggested continuing entrepreneurs’ strike till the end of February. One of the entrepreneurs called on to demand Lukashenka to appear before the rally. People started yelling: “the czar!”


13.05 Aleksandr Tsatsura from Salihorsk said the next action of the entrepreneurs would take place on February 18th, and called on to dismiss Tur, and the president too. The crowd chants: “resign!”


13.30  There are about 1000 protesters on the square. Some of them yell: “to the avenue!” They came close to the traffic side of the avenue. There is only road police between them and the traffic side. Part of the crowd stayed on the steps to the Palace of the Republic.


13.45 Protesters headed to the Independence square. The are walking on the sidewalks.