Police try to detain Ales Mikhalevich

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As the time comes closer to the entrepreneurs’ rally which is to take place on Kastrychnitskaya Square on January 21st, the police try to arrest deputy chair of BPF Party Ales Mikhalevich. Today he received a phone call from police warning him he would be summoned to come to a police station.


“Right before your call I was called from police. They wanted to know when I come home so that they could give the summons personally. However, I believe they want to detain me”, -- Ales Mikhalevich told Radio Racyja.




After mass demonstration of entrepreneurs on Kastrychnitskaya Square in Minsk, 43 people are arrested and kept in Akrestsina jail. On Monday entrepreneurs are to return to the Square.

Mikhalevich told the policeman that they could send the summons by mail. He thinks he might get detained on January 21st. “Most probably, the police will be on duty near my house from early morning on Monday”, -- Mikhalevich predicts. He says he would be arrested for participation in a rally on January 10th.