Brest: Solidarity of Entrepreneurs

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Entrepreneurs from Brest expressed their solidarity with the demands made at the protest demonstration in Minsk and decided on continuing the strike until all people, sentenced to arrest on 10 January, are released.

Alena Kustus, activist of the republican public association Perspective, head of the council of entrepreneurs of the Brest central market said.

According to her, a meeting of individual entrepreneurs of the market took place in Brest yesterday. Entrepreneurs from other big shopping centers of the town as well as representatives of tax service and deputy head of the administration of Leninski district were present at the meeting.

‘The officials heard many unpleasant words about the authorities. Most of people spoke about negative effect of the decree 760 on small business and the unwillingness to work in such conditions. Nevertheless, the officials tried to talk us into coming to work, and were persuading us in necessity to obey new rules.

Such talks caused just indignation of the entrepreneurs. It was suggested to protest against the arrests on 10 January and continue the strike until all detained people are released. We don’t force anybody, but most of the people said we should express our solidarity with those, who had been in the square and those, who are in prison. We are shocked with these arrests,’ Alena Kuktus said.

According to Viktar Chaikouski, coordinator of Perspective in Brest area, many Brest dwellers intended to come to Minsk on 10 January, but it was very difficult to leave the town on that day.

‘Both bus and railway stations, exits form the town were occupied by militia. The people were watched. Some days the demonstration the activists were being pressed by security agencies. Military men from lieutenant to colonel were talking with entrepreneurs. They threatened entrepreneurs with different articles of both administrative and criminal codes – form accusations of participation in an unauthorized event, to ‘attempt on president”. We have never faced such things before,’ Viktar Chaikouski, said.