Rechytsa: Police Provocation against Entrepreneur Aleh Shabetnik

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According to an activist of the BPF Party Valery Putsitski, at about 9.15 p.m. he met with Aleh Shabetnik, after which Shabetnik intended to go home. ‘In Karl Marx Street, not far from Shabetnik’s home, he was approached by the local police inspector, who accused him of dirty swearing and guarded to the district police department. There the policemen explained that he was walking on the street and saw a well-dressed man (it was Shabetnik BelaPAN). The policeman decided to escort the man home so that he would not be offended by any hooligans on the way, but the latter allegedly blankly refused and insulted the policeman with ‘dirty swearing’.

According to Valery Putsitski, Shabetnik thinks that his detention is connected with the upcoming unsanctioned meeting of entrepreneurs in Minsk.