KGB Can Do Anything?

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Authorities of Homel oblast KGB office did not find any law violations in the actions of the KGB agents who had detained the journalist Siarhei Padsasonny. 

Bear in mind that on 23 November the workers of Homel oblast KGB office paid a visit to Padsasonny’s apartment. They detained him and guarded to the KGB office. There they interrogated him concerning his professional activities and his relation to the Polish TV channel about Belarus, Belsat, which started broadcasting on 10 December. The journalist considered these actions unlawful and appealed against them to Homel oblast prosecutor’s office. Instead of answering this complaint the prosecutor’s office forwarded it to the KGB. 

Another incident happened to the journalist on 5 December. In the central park of Homel S.Padsasonny was approached by one of the KGB agents who had detained him. The latter started catching him by clothes and shouting. ‘It seemed to the KGB worker that I was watching him. He shouted about it and threatened to take me to the KGB office where I would’ get a fair treatment’. I managed to attract the attention of passers-by with my shouts and escape. I also applied to the prosecutor’s office concerning this fact,’ pointed the journalist.