Only 2 out of 800 Picket Applications are granted by Belarusian Authorities

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The local authorities have granted only 2 out of about 800 applications for pickets against the repeal of social benefits. Let us remind that on 16 December, on the eve of the benefit cuts, adherents of oppositional parties and organizations are going to hold many social pickets.

In Minsk all 140 applications were rejected. Some of the reasons for banning are quite original. A leader of the Party of Communists Belarusian (CPB) Valery Ukhnaliou told the European Radio about them: ‘In one case we were not allowed to hold a picket because of a ‘bad weather report’. There was such an answer in Minsk district. Another answer reads that Liubimau Avenue does not belong to Minsk and therefore Minsk city executive committee has no powers to allow us picketing there…’

Nevertheless, Ukhnaliou is sure that social pickets will take place all over Belarus. However, this day the opposition’s leaders won’t be in Minsk.

‘At the yesterday’s sitting of the presidium of the Political council it was decided that the leaders of the United Democratic Forces will go to different parts of Belarus. Some of them will go to Mahiliou, where a picket was allowed. I will go to Hrodna. Some of us will pay visits to Babruisk, Vitsebsk, Orsha and Homel,’ said Ukhnaliou.