Homel Oblast UCP Office Searched again

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

At about 12.20 a.m. four workers of Homel oblast KGB office came to the private house where Homel city branch of the United Civil Party rents an office. 

The chairman of the UCP branch Andrei Tolchyn said that the KGB agents had explained their actions with the fact that some leaflets with invitations to an unauthorized meetings against the repeal of social benefits had been posted in the city. The KGB office associates the appearance of these leaflets with the activities of the democratic activists of Homel.

‘I don’t even know what was the real purpose of their visit’, commented Tolchyn. ‘Possibly, it is a prophylactic measure. I asked them to show me a copy of the leaflet which they were looking for, but they said that they did not have any. May be they even don’t know what they were trying to find and why.’

As a result of the search the KGB workers confiscated 28 copies of an address to the deputies of the Chamber of Representatives (where the latter ones were proposed to report about their achievements to their electors), 11 copies of the Svaboda bulletin and seven CDs with Yury Khashchavatski’s films. 

Bear in mind that on 6 October the office was also searched by the KGB workers, who confiscated six computers and three copy machines. Later these items were found evidence in the criminal case against an unregistered organization Young Front. The owners, in their turn, state that there were no documents and materials concerning the Young Front on their computers.