Masty: Ales Zarembiuk Accused of Unauthorized Picketing

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As Ales Zarembiuk told Radio Racyja¸ on 10 December he received a telephone call from the senior inspector of the law and order section of Masty district police department Aliaksandr Danilchyk. The inspector asked the activist to come to the police department. He explained that he had brought to the prosecutor’s office Zarembiuk’s explanatory note concerning a recent meeting of Aliaksandr Milinkevich with the citizens of Masty and the prosecutor’s office ordered him to compose on Zarembiuk a report for organization of unauthorized meeting. Ales Zarembiuk refused to come to the police department without official summons.

Bear in mind that on 4 December Masty police interrogated a member of the For Freedom movement Alez Zarembiuk on inquiry of the prosecutor’s office of Masty. The prosecutor’s office also tried to give a legal evaluation to Aliaksandr Milinkevich’s actions during his meeting with the citizens.