No Threat to Klimau’s Security?

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The punishment department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has considered the application of the chair of the National committee of the united democratic forces Anatol Liabedzka concerning the conditions of Andrei Klimau’s incarceration. 

‘There are no threats to his personal security in the conditions of corrective colony #20 of Mazyr’, answered the acting chair of the department Yury Barynkou. 

The official also informed that Klimau was been put on a dispenser record with the diagnosis ‘ishemic illness, stenocardia’ and underwent medical treatment at republican prison hospital #1 since 24 May till 2 June. According to Barynkou, the present state of Klimau’s health is ‘satisfactory’. ‘At present the prisoner Klimau A.Ya. has no need in specialized medical aid’, stated the officials. 

Barynkow explained the exaction o the foodstuffs which Klimau took with him from the investigative isolator of Minsk with the absence of their enumeration the list of personal belongings and said that the food was returned to the prisoner after a check-up which confirmed that it belonged to Klimau.

Bear in mind that in his application to the administration of the punishment department Anatol Liabedzka pointed at the following facts: Klimau’s wife did not receive letters from him, foodstuffs were exacted from him, the prisoner has an ill heart and seems not to receive the necessary medical aid. Anatol Liabedzka demanded the investigation of these facts, bringing the guilty officials of the colony to account and provision the acceptable conditions and timely medical aid to the prisoner.