Democratic Activists Collect Signatures to Make Deputies Report about Their Achievements

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This week the democratic activists of Belarus have collected signatures under a public demand to organize the reports of the deputies of the Chamber of Representatives before their electors. The activists mostly explain this situation with the fact that the deputies supported the liquidation of social benefits. The campaign for collection of signatures is coordinated by the Council of the United Democratic Forces.


The chairman of the United Civil Party Anatol Liabedzka commented: ‘I also paid visits to people’s flats and collected signatures for making an actor Henadz Davydzka report to the electors. 95% of the population understands the problem. Some of them even say that we are not radical enough and it would be better to through the deputies into the river of Svislach at once instead of these report meetings.’

The dwellers of Talachyn district were among the first who managed to meet with their deputy to the Chamber of Representatives. The deputy chairman of a commission of the Chamber of Representatives Uladzimir Adashkevich came to the meeting that was initiated by a local activist Uladzimir Adashkevich. The people were not satisfied with the results of the talk. Now the milkmaids of one of the farm want to leave the official trade union as a sign of protest. They think that instead of supporting them, the official trade union just supports the administration of the local collective farm.