Farce: Political Prisoner Klimau’s Foodstuffs ‘Checked’ for More than a Month

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Only recently has the political prisoner Andrei Klimau received the foodstuffs, which were taken away for a ‘check-up’ in early October, as soon as he was guarded to Mozyr colony. The information about the return of the foodstuffs to the prisoner was voiced by Yury Barankau, the acting head of the Department of serving punishment.

‘The foodstuffs were taken for checking, we have given them back’, RFE/RL quotes Barankau.

At the same time, the official of the Ministry of Internal Affairs didn’t explain why the check-up lasted for more than a month and if it was safe to eat this food then.

Meanwhile, the political prisoner’s relatives say he hasn’t answered the letters and telegrams for more than 3 weeks, and they worry.


'He has problems with glucose compensation in blood. It is a disease similar to diabetes. He must eat special food, but what conditions does he have in prison?' Klimau's wife Tatsiana says.