Homel: Police Confiscate Appeals to Authorities

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At 12.30 a.m. in Homel the police detained the UCP activists Vasil Paliakou and Ihar Sluchak. They were taken to a police station. There the police questioned the detainees and exacted from them 1,5 thousand appeals to deputies. 

The detention was conducted by a police inspector of Savetski district police department of Homel Andrei Lapukhou. The detainees were given a copy of the confiscation report and released. 

In the appeals the deputies are proposed to report the electorate about their activity. It is also reminded that it was the deputies who adopted a law about the liquidation of social benefits and guarantees.

‘The authorities pay an ill reaction to any manifestations of dissent’, commented V.Paliakou. ‘The most necessary foodstuffs disappear from the counters, people are deprived of benefits, the economical crisis is on the way, that’s why the authorities fear the growth of dissent and even talks about any problems in the country. Of course, they watch us and could assume that I had leaflets with me. However, there is no corpus delicti in it, that’s why the leaflets were exacted, allegedly for a check-up. I really doubt they will be returned.’