Authorities Proceed from Bans to Provocations

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Organizers of the Social March have summed up the results of the rally that took place on 4 November. ‘The authorities have broken away from bans and have proceeded to provocations. To use force against people who offer a dialogue is immoral. Moreover, the regime depends on the European economic programs, foreign credits today, and it’s the second reason why the regime has given up such hard line methods of communication with protesters as a paddy wagon and truncheon blows on the head,’ told the deputy chairman of the Belarusian People’s Front party Viktar Ivashkevich.

According to Ivashkevich, members of several neo-Nazi organizations and the ‘anarchists’ who started a fight during the march are under a careful attention of secret services.

‘I concede that there are marginal groups that believe that they follow some ideology, but to my mind, they do not have either a serious approach or clear vision of their place in the political spectrum. I think these groups are under close control of the KGB, and secret services are just using them for such provocations,’ Viktar Ivashkevich said.