Mahiliou Regional Court Turns Down Salauyou’s Complaint

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Zmitser Salauyou was arrested on the charge with disorderly conduct.


In the regional court Salauyou was trying to explain, judge Iryna Saroka had found him guilty on the basis of the fabricated police report and untruthful testimony of piolice witnesses.


Zmitser Salauyou claimed his detention was politically motivated.


Let us remind the readers, on October 13th judge Iryna Saroka found Zmitser guilty of an administrative infringement and sentenced him to 5 days of jail. According to the fabricated false report, he was relieving himself down town Mahiliou.


Zmitser Salauyou filed a complaint to the regional court: “Primarily, I hoped for honesty of the judges. In any case, such complaints are evidence of the human rights violations, and violation of the law in Belarus. The time will come, and we will need these documents”.


Alexander Karaliou, lawyer of the independent trade union of the radio-electronic industry, agrees: “The court cases with a perspective are to go through the whole procedure. We tell people who come to us, that they should go till the end. Secondly, I am sure the authoritarian regime will change in the near future. All decisions made by judges who are dependent on the regime, will be revised”.