Hrodna Student Expelled for Participation in “Rescue Hrodna!” Campaign

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On October 23rd, Katsiaryna Bychak, 2nd-year student of law faculty of Hrodna State University, was showed an order of university rector about her expulsion. The document said, she had beed expelled for “violation of the standing orders”. In the interview to BelaPAN Katsiaryna Bychak said she was detained by police in May for participation in “Rescue Hrodna” campaign. Togetehr with other young people she came to defend the building of a mill built in the 19th century, on Vasilka, 3. Later she received an official reprimand from Leninski court of Hrodna. “At that time I saw no reaction from the university administration. Later I was visited at home by officers of the Committee for State Security (KGB) who tried to find out various details about the “rescue Hrodna” campaign. In September I missed eight days of classes and had an official valid excuse for that. However, the dean’s office did not pay attention and expelled me from university”. – Katsiaryna explains. She say, unofficially she was told by the dean that the real reason for her expulsion was her participation in protests against ruining of the historical center of Hrodna. The girl says, she might have to go abroad to continue her studies. Civic activist Paval Mazheika told BelaPAN that expulsion of Katsiaryna Bychak was politically motivated, moreover, that the girl was not a member of any political parties or NGOs and took part in the campaign because of her personal convictions. He says, they will do everything to help Katsiaryna either to get back to studies in her university, or continue her education abroad.