Psychic Hospital for Politics?

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Homel youth activist Andrei Tsianiuta will be sent to hospital for examination of hispsychic health. The young man who faces a criminal charge of participation in an unregistered organization, learned that from his lawyer Siarhei Krasnou.


On October 22nd Andrei Tsianiuta received his third summons to KGB. Lawyer Siarhei Krasnou applied to KGB to clarify the circumstances. According to AndreiTsianiuta, his lawyer informed him about the likelihood of sending him for an obligatory psychic expert examination. Siarhei Krasnou added, in the near future the young man might be forced to sign a special assignment for medical examination in a psychic hospital in Biarozki, near Homel, Radio Racyja reports.  


The activist believes the KGB officers want to put him under psychological pressure before the
trial over Homel branch of Young Front.