Homel Regional Court Dismisses Complaint of BPF Youth Activist

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Zmitser Zhaliznichenka claims he hasn’t seen anything new in the regional court. Everything goes as usual. We just learned another name of a judge who had his own moral principles and his own vision how trials should be done. In the evening of September 17th senior police lieutenant Askerau detained Zmitser Zhaleznichenka near a department store. Zhaleznichenka, a straight-A student of mathematical faculty, was excluded from Homel State University for political reasons. In the beginning the youth activist was accused of rape. He was brought from Chyhunachny district police department to Centralny district police department. The police drew up reports of Zhaleznichenka’s using foul language and failure to obey the police. Later that evening Zhaleznichenka was placed in the local detention center. The next morning Centralny court judge Maryna Damnenka fined the activist and sentenced him to 8 days of jail. At the same time, the Ministry of Education of Belarus, dismissed the request of straight-A student Zhaleznichenka to restore him in the university.