Chair of Belarusian Language Society Proposes to Punish Officials for Destruction of Hrodna’s Old Town

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At the end of September the Belarusian Language Society received an answer from the Ministry of Culture, department of protection of historical and cultural heritage. BLS had applied to the prosecutor’s office of Belarus concerning law violations during the ‘reconstruction’ of the historical center of Hrodna.

‘In the information that was presented by the deputy chair of the department Ihar Charniauski, it was stated that the authorities twice violated the present legislation: in spring 2006, during the earthwork without archeological excavations in Savetskaya Square of Hrodna, which could lead to damaging the fundament of the Radzivils’ palace, and in spring 2007, when they illegally demolished an architectural monument of the 18th century, the outhouse of the administrator’s palace in Gorkiy Street,’ pointed the BLS chair Aleh Trusau.

Then Trusau sent a letter to Hrodna major with the proposal to punish the officials of the Unitarian enterprise ‘Institute ‘Hrodnahrazhdanproyekt’ and Hrodna city executive committee, who are guilty of violations of the law on protection of architectural monuments.