Salihorsk: Police Detain Andrei Tychyna

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On 30 September the Young Front activists from Salihorsk held a picket in support of political prisoners. Earlier applications for several pickets were considered by Salihorsk city executive committee. The committee banned the pickets and ordered the police to watch the activists. 

In the morning three policemen sat in a police car near Pavel Batuyeu’s door. Before the picket the police also detained an under-aged activist Andrei Tychyna and drew on him an administrative report for ‘dirty swearing at the police station’. They searched him and confiscated leaflets and banners with the inscriptions ‘Freedom to Dashkevich!’, ‘No – to Growth of Prices’. Then they released the detainee.

The activists were hanging out a banner ‘Freedom to Political Prisoners!’ on one of the streets, when several policemen ran up to them to detain Ivan Shyla. One of them introduced himself as ‘inspector on cases of under aged persons’. Being asked what he was doing there, he asked that he had nothing else to do. While the policemen were answering the questions of the present journalists, the Young Front activists went away.