Paval Seviarynets is free

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Today in Baranavichy after 17 days of arrest youth leader Paval Seviarynets was discharged. His companions and friends came to Baranavichy prison to meet the politician. But the prison workers guarded Paval Seviarynets to Ivatsevichy an hour before the term of imprisonment expired.

After vain waiting for Paval, his friends turned to the militiamen. They said that Paval was not at prison at the moment, but refused to name his location, “Radio Svaboda” reported.

After a while Paval Seviarynets phoned his friends and said he was in Ivatsevichy. The prison workers guarded him to that town an hour before the term of imprisonment expired. Paval’s friends came to him.

As it was noticed, Paval Seviarynets was arrested for participation in the action of solidarity with Young Front activist Yaraslau Gryshchenia, who has trial 10 September. For the participation in this action Seviarynets was arrested for 17 days. Some days before that action Seviarynets left Brest isolation ward, where he spent 15 days for the presentation of his own book. This time he was found guilty of resisting the militia, organizing unsanctioned actions and disorderly conduct. Under the first absurd conviction he was given 2 days of arrest, under the second one – 15 days and under the third one he was penalized.