Opposition Member Gets to Emergency Unit from Dazhynki Festival

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At present Vital Siliverst, liquidator of Chernobyl disaster consequences, is at the emergency unit of Rechytsa hospital. Mr. Siliverst told RFE/RL, when he came to the building of the district executive committee, he was attacked by the guards of Lukashenka’s security services. They twisted his hands and knocked him down on the ground.

Mr. Siliverst also noticed police officers from investigation department of Homel, and local KGB officers on the place of the incident.

As a result of violence, the invalid felt sick. Lukashenka’s guards called for an ambulance. The paramedics diagnosed a hypertension stroke and took Mr. Siliverst to the emergency unit of local hospital.

Vasil Siliverst believes he got under the “mopping-up”. He thinks, the security guards detained him so that he couldn’t spoil the pompous picture of welfare with questions about benefit cuts.