Rechytsa: Civic Activist Leanid Nevar Sentenced to 6 Days in Jail

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Yesterday judge of Rechytsa court Anatol Strelchanka sentenced civic activist Leanid Nevar to 6 days of arrest.

Mrs. Nevar told RFE/RL, the court was closed for public. Head of ideology department of the district executive committee Tumilovich testified against the activist. His testimony was supported by deputy head of local forestry Danilchanka. They claimed, the day before Leanid Nevar insulted Tumilovich with foul language.

Leanid Nevar is a participant of many election campaigns. He is a member of entrepreneurs’ council.

Earlier RFE/RL reported, before Dazhynki harvestingt festival, hosted by Rechytsa authorities on September 22nd – 23rd, the local administration isolated pro-democratic activists through sending them on business trips, arrests and detentions.