Navapolatsk: Police Detain Bicyclists

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In the morning on 14 September the bicyclers of Navapolatsk were haunted by the police cars with sirens. 

The local activists believe that it was the reaction of the police to the preliminary information about a cycle race For Freedom to Kazulin. Navapolatsk city police department states that the reason is the search for stolen bicycles. The policemen checked the bicycles, put down the dates and places of purchase and also asked where the detained bicyclers were going and why. 

Among the detainees there were the public activists Yury Belski, Valery Shauchenka, Ihar Sukharukau and Anton Yasinovich. 

The police also detained and searched the car of the chair of Polatsk branch of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) Albert Markau.