Hrodna: Prosecutor’s Office Intimidates Journalists

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Kastrychnitski district prosecutor’s office of Hrodna has issued official warnings to the local journalist Natallia Makushyna for cooperation with the foreign radio station Deutsche Welle. In the warnings it was stated that the journalists’ materials were tendentious and could be harmful to the international image of the Republic of Belarus. 

The prosecutor Valery Paviadayka showed to Makushyna several print-outs from the web-site of Deutsche Welle

‘One of the articles was about the police searching a bomb in the house where an assembly of For Freedom! movement was taking place and another – about a festival of national cultures. I don’t know how they could discredit the country,’ commented Makushyna. 

Ivan Roman was summonsed to Leninski district prosecutor’s office of Hrodna and warned for cooperation with the foreign Radio Racyja

‘I think that such actions of the authorities are aimed at intimidation of the few journalists who are not afraid to publish true information about the events happening in this city, in this country and in this society,’ commented Ivan Roman.