Do Mahiliou Medics Finally Get Punished for Detaining Shatsikava?

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On 23 August the college board of Mahiliou regional court refused to bring a criminal case on the fact of kidnap of a public activist Krystsina Shatsikava and her illegal placement to a hospital. Two days later Shatsikava received a letter in which the head of Mahiliou regional department of health care Valery Malashka indirectly confessed that her rights had been violated by medics of Mahiliou mental hospital. 

As Malashka writes, as a result of Shatsikava’s application an extra-schedule check-up of this medical institution has been held and some disciplinary penalties have been imposed. 

On 23 March the head of children’s department Mikalai Meshchankou was on duty at the reception of the mental hospital. It was he who found Shatsikava mentally ill and directed her to department #8 where the oppositioner spent three days under supervision of the doctor Ala Utsionyshava. The so-called ‘medical treatment’ (injections of sedative medicines) was prescribed by Alena Bat with the agreement of their boss Valery Bialianin. Krystsina Shatsikava demands criminal punishment for these people. This letter will be attached to her appeal to the Prosecutor General’s office.