Liquidator of Chernobyl Accident’s Consequences Vasil Silivestr on Hunger Strike again

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

At present the resident of Kalinkavichy Vasil Silivestr who took part in the liquidation of the 1986 accident at Chernobyl atomic power plant is at the republican center of radiation medicine and human ecology in Homel.

At 5.17 p.m., after the scientific-medical counsel refused to associate his illnesses and disability with participation in liquidation of Chernobyl accident, he declared a termless hunger strike of protest. 

The center officials again demanded from senior lieutenant of the military reserve Vasil Silivestr additional documents from a military unit that had been located on the territory of the Ukraine, 14 kilometers away from the atomic power plant. In 1988 Silivestr and many other Belarusians participated there in deactivation of the territory from radioactive wastes.

‘It is an official circumlocution when they demand additional documents. Last year, when I received rehabilitation at the center, I took there all documents about my six-moth army service in Chernobyl zone. I can’t understand what is more important for them – additional papers from the military units that exist no more or people living with their illnesses,’ summed up the liquidator.