Russian Nazis from Vitsebsk Try to Intimidate Local Democrats

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

At the end of the last week Vitsebsk activists received threat letters signed by Vitsebsk branch of Russian National Unity (RNE). It is already the second attempt to intimidate the democratic society of Vitsebsk. 

This time such letters were sent to Barys Khamaida and the activists of Vitsebsk city organization of the Conservative-Christian Party BPF Yan Dziarshautsau, Siarzhuk Kavalenka and Yan Talpyha. In the letter all of them were accused of relation to the image of ‘Miron’ - an unknown activist who continued hanging out white-red-white flags on the highest buildings and towers of Vitsebsk. ‘Miron, if you hang a white-red-white cloth once again, you will be punished’, wrote an unknown aggressor. 

The democratic activists are not going to leave such bold actions of unknown ‘Russian patriots’ without reaction. One of them has already applied to Chyhunachny district prosecutor’s office of Vitsebsk. Bear in mind that the previous time the law machinery only gave a standard come-off.