Spontaneous Protest of Vendors at Zhdanovichy Market

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On Sunday 19 August more than 100 vendors staged a spontaneous protest at Svet Mody-3 shopping center in Zhdanovichy after tax officers decided to seize fur coats from a vendor. The protest action was stopped by the police.

The tax officers threatened that they would seize all goods on offer at the retail stall in case the vendor, an employee of a sole entrepreneur, failed to produce a paper, certifying the entrepreneur
s permission that the employee may deal in the goods.

The inspectors turned a deaf ear to the vendor`s claim that she was not aware of the new requirement. Other vendors operating at the center flocked to the scene to voice their vigorous protest. They accused the tax authorities of waging a real war against sole entrepreneurs and failing to brief them in good time on new requirements introduced on an interrupted basis. The tax officers drew up a list of goods on offer to file a confiscation suit to a court.