Mahiliou: Policeman Boldly Violates Journalist’s Rights

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 14 August in Chekhau Street 16 the editor of a small-circulation non-state newspaper Miastsovy Chas Hanna Iliina attended a meeting of Belarusian public activists with their Polish and German colleagues. 

Suddenly several policemen and persons in mufti entered the house and started asking questions about the purposes of the meeting and its participants. The sergeant-major of the police Viktar Tsarou and the worker of Leninski district police department of Mahiliou Ihar Palianski (dressed in mufti) started checking the passports of the present persons without any explanations.

Hanna Iliina showed her passport and journalist certificate. Then she made some photos of the ‘police check-up’ and put something down in her notebook. Palianski reacted nervously: he grabbed the journalist by the hands, trying to seize the camera, and threatened her with punishment. In presence of witnesses he said that he was ready to pay for the photo camera if he smashed it, but would get the prohibition to make photos. Nevertheless, the journalist managed to save the camera and the notebook and now prepares a complaint to Leninski district prosecutor’s office of Mahiliou against the policeman’s actions.