Police Disrupt Opposition Picnic near Minsk

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As said by the deputy chair of the movement Yury Hubarevich, about 1 p.m. on 11 August on the territory of a recreation camp near Zaslauie (Minsk district) a meeting of the movement activists from all parts of the country started. About 300 persons gathered at the picnic. ‘We exchanged information and ideas. We also had an assembly of the movements’ founders in order to repeatedly pass documents for receiving a state registration. There were also sportive contests,’ pointed Yury Hubarevich. 

According to him, the first policemen appeared after 6 p.m. From the police talks the activists found that the policemen knew about the event in advance, but could not found the location. The meeting was disrupted by the police at 10.30 p.m., half an hour before the end – some of the participants have already department by this time. ‘I think that it was the presence of the leader of For Freedom! movement Aliaksandr Milinkevich that withheld the police from more decisive actions’, Hubarevich commented. Accoridng to him, the aims of the meeting have been reached despite the police interference. The fate of the arrested equipments is unknown.