Mahiliou Builders Protest against Wage Arrears

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Eight workers of construction administration #57 of Mahiliou building trust #12 have filed a repeated complaint with the regional office of labor inspection. 

To their first complaint Mahiliou regional executive committee answered that reconstruction of a hostel in the town of Horki was put under especial control and the wages to the builders would be increased two times. 

‘It is so, but they just put the money from one of out pockets to another without increasing the total sum’, commented an activist of the trade union of Radio Electronic Trade Uladzimir Yakavenka. 

According to him, in the middle of June the mission bonuses were decreased two times. The builders started getting 3 000 rubles (about 1,4 US dollars) instead of 6 000. Besides, the administration delays the vacation pays for a month or more, do not pay for overdue time and do not provide even elementary sanitation norms (no wash sinks, places for rest and lunches).