‘Internet Simulation’ in Secondary Schools of Homel Region

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Homel Regional Institute for Educational Retraining implemented its ‘know-how’ -a simulation of Internet activities - in Belarusian schools.

According to Sovetskaya Belorussiya newspaper, there are computerized classes in every school of the Homel region. But the modem communication which is presently at the majority of local educational institutions does not provide simultaneous access of all pupils in the class to Internet. Admitting the necessity of the ‘web’ mastering the educational experts consider that if that is done in one’s ‘tender age’, it has to be done accurately and under the adults’ supervision. With that in view the Institute specialists developed several unusual types of Internet lessons. The data specially selected by the teacher are transferred through the teacher’s computer to the pupils’ ones. The ADSL technologies make the procedure look like in real Internet: the browser system, visiting sites for the required information search. But frankly speaking, that is nothing else but a sort of censorship.