Belarusian Authorities Worried with Lithuanian Festival

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Belarusian party hopes that Lithuania will not let ‘propagandistic unfriendly anti-Belarusian actions’ to be taken at the Be2Gether musical festival, runs the today’s appeal distributed by the press-service of the foreign ministry of Belarus.

’The Belarusian party hopes that the Lithuanian counterpart following the Declaration on principles of good neighborhood relations between the Republic of Belarus and Lithuanian Republic of 24 October 1991 and the Agreement on good neighborhood and cooperation between the Republic of Belarus and Lithuanian Republic as of 6 February 1995 will take all the necessary measures for keeping up order at the Be2Gether musical festival and will prevent “propagandistic unfriendly anti-Belarusian actions.’ Such actions would have completely contradicted the designation of the festival which is stressed by the festival’s title’, it is said in the appeal.

The foreign ministry of Belarus attracts attention of the Lithuanian Republic and the European Commission as direct initiators of this action to the fact that if the site for this action has been chosen by the Lithuanian party at the borderline then it is the Lithuanian party that has to take full responsibility for non-violation of the State border regime and prevention of incidents due to accumulation of the public on the territory close to the borderline.

24-26 August the Be2Gether musical festival is to be held in Lithuania. The site for the festival was chosen by the event organizers near the Norville castle close to the state borderline between the Republic of Belarus and Lithuanian Republic.

According to the Lithuanian party, the musical event is to be attended by 15-20 thousand spectators, the majority of them to be young people. The project is being implemented by the ministry of culture of the Lithuanian Republic as well as of the European Commission.